A Look at the Build Tools and Microservices of a Jekyll and npm Ecommerce JAMstack


About me

  • 👣 Live in Bolton Hill, walk to work downtown
  • 🐩 Married with dog
  • 🍺 Lots of Boh and other craft brew
  • ⚒ Emerging Technologies Librarian @ UMB (consult and teach about 3D printing and modeling, GitHub, R, and more)
  • ⚡ Love playing with web tools and learning JavaScript!


  • JAMstack - JavaScript, APIs, Markup
  • Netlify - free hosting, free https, static site build environment
  • Snipcart - developer friendly shopping cart API
  • Stripe - online payment gateway
  • GitHub - git workflow and collaboration, issue tracker
  • Jekyll - markup templating, flat data files, static site generator
  • npm modules and scripts - front end tools for local development

atomic CSS
(I don't write CSS, I 🎨 with it!)

Additional points

  • ie 10/11 and flexbox - lotsa fun 🎉🎉, thanks flexbugs!
  • Zoho mail - one free email @ custom domain
  • Vertical oriented logo was an interesting design challenge
  • Image optimization workflow - ImageOptim and ImageMagick
  • Text editor & git workflow for site content creator 👍
  • MVP shipped, now what?

Show notes